France : Paris


The CRIOBE/Paris office is located within the Maison des Océans in Paris, an environmental hub that brings together all of France's major agencies that work in the environmental sector for the protection of oceans : Institut Océanographique, CRIOBE, LabEx CORAIL, Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco, Fondation pour la Recherche sur la Biodiversité, Plateforme Océan-Climat, Méditerranéen Science Commission, Pew Trusts, etc.

The Maison des Oceans regularly hosts international conferences that bring together experts, entrepreneurs, political decision makers and civil society to address today's greatest threats to sustainable ocean management and related environmental issues (climate, sustainable development, biodiversity, etc.).

The Facilities

The Offices :
CRIOBE occupies two offices - one for members of the CRIOBE who are based in Paris, and the other for those who are transiting through.

Conference Room :
The small conference room contains a table, a Powerpoint projector and equipment to allow for video conferencing. The room can host up to 8 people comfortably.