Maître des Conferences
École Pratique des Hautes Études (EPHE)

CRIOBE - Perpignan
Laboratoire d’Excellence “CORAIL”
Bâtiment R-CBETM
58 Avenue Paul Alduy
66860 Perpignan CEDEX

Tel: +33 (0) 4 68 66 21 94

Domaines de Recherche:

  • Macroecology
  • Biogeography
  • Functional ecology
  • Coral reef ecology
  • Invasive species
  • Community ecology

Sélection de Publications

  • Parravicini V, Villéger S, McClanahan TR, Arias-González JE, Bellwood DR, Belmaker J, Chabanet P, Floeter SR, Friedlander AM, Guilhaumon F, Vigliola L, Kulbicki M, Mouillot D (2014) Global mismatch between species richness and vulnerability of reef fish assemblages. Ecology Letters 17, 1101–1110.
  • Mouillot D*, Villéger S*, Parravicini V*, Kulbicki M, Arias-Gonzales E, Bender MG, Chabanet P, Floeter S, Friedlander A, Vigliola L, Bellwood DR., 2014. Functional over-redundancy and high functional vulnerability in global fish faunas on tropical reefs. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the USA 11, 13757–13762.
  • Pellisier L, Leprieur F, Parravicini V, Cowman P, Kulbicki M, Litsios G, Olssen SM, Wisz M, Bellwood D, Mouillot D, 2014. Quaternary coral reefs preserved fish diversity. Science 344, 116-119.
  • Stier AC, Hein AM, Parravicini V, Kulbicki M, 2014. Larval dispersal drives trophic structure across Pacific coral reefs. Nature Communications 5, 5575.
  • Parravicini V, Kulbicki M, Bellwood D, Friedlander AM, Arias-Gonzalez JE, Chabanet P, Floeter SR, Myers R, Vigliola L, D'Agata S, Mouillot D, 2013. Global patterns and predictors of tropical reef fish species richness. Ecography 36, 1254-1262.
  • Parravicini V, Azzurro E, Kulbicki M, Belmaker J, 2015. Niche shift can impair the ability to predict invasion risk in the marine realm: an illustration using Mediterranean fish invaders. Ecology Letters 18, 246-253.
  • Descombes P, Wisz M, Leprieur F, Parravicini V, Heine C, Olsen S, Swingedown D, Kulbicki M, Mouillot D, Pellisier L, 2015. Forecasted coral reef decline in marine biodiversity hotspot under climate change. Global Change Biology 21, 2479-2487.
  • Kulbicki M, Parravicini V, Bellwood DR, Arias-Gonzales E, Chabanet P, Floeter S, Friedlander AM, McPherson J, Myers RE, Vigliola L, Mouillot D, 2013. Global biogeography of reef fishes: a quantitative delineation of regions. PLoS ONE 8, e81847.
  • Parravicini V, Micheli F, Montefalcone M, Morri C, Villa E, Castellano M, Povero P, Bianchi CN, 2013. Conserving biodiversity in a human-dominated world: degradation of marine sessile communities within a protected area with conflicting human uses. PLoS ONE 8, e75767.
  • Belmaker J, Parravicini V, Kulbicki M, 2013. Ecological traits and environmental affinity explain Red Sea fish introduction into the Mediterranean. Global Change Biology 19, 1373-1382.


My research interests are diverse and include community ecology, macroecology, biogeography and conservation ecology in the marine realm. I am particularly interested in understanding the underlying mechanisms behind present biodiversity patterns, the functional organization of communities and their implication for conservation. Since 2014 I am Associate Professor at the CRIOBE in Perpignan and I have developed three main research axes: (i) the investigation of the interaction between environmental factors and species traits and how it determines community assembly processes on coral reefs; (ii) the investigation of the relative role of climate vs. species interaction in determining invasion success; (iii) the investigation of the complex relationship among biodiversity, human disturbance and the processes delivered by reef fish assemblages.

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