November 2014

Talk at the MARES conference (Portugal) : How to characterize and classify the large variability of marine partially protected areas - the BUFFER project case study.
Talk at the Miljø 2015 Conference (Norwegian funding agency) : Life and fate of sea trout in a zoned Skagerrak fjord.
Presentation of fishers' perception survey to the Iroise Natural Marine Park council (France).

September 2014

Video: “A dive in a partially protected area”

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August 2014

New paper published: Grorud-Colvert K, Claudet J, Tissot BN, Caselle JE, Carr MH, et al. (2014) Marine Protected Area Networks: Assessing Whether the Whole Is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts. PLoS ONE 9(8): e102298. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0102298

July-August 2014

Collection of a questionnaire, in cooperation with Cerbère-Banyuls Natural Marine Reserve managers, on the perception of the partially protected area services.

July 2014

Meeting in Tvedestrand (Norway) to inform and update stakeholders and local residents on ongoing research activities and preliminary results of BUFFER.

Participation to a one-day event called "Marine biologist for a day" catering to kids and families visiting the islands of Furoya Island (Tvedestrand fjord, Norway) as part of a festival. This event gathered 60-80 children who are actively involved in the work (catching and tagging shore crabs in PPA).

April-July 2014

Collection of a questionnaire on the perception of Iroise Marine Park management board members.

June 2014

Presentation during thesis defence for the 2nd year of master EMBC, in Ghent University (Belgium) from 23rd to 26th of June 2014

March 2014

The BUFFER 1-year meeting was held in Lisbon on March 11-12 2013.

February 2014

Participatory meeting with Iroise Marine Park, French MPA Agency and Ifremer to present the first results of the WP4 survey on socio-economic impacts of the Iroise Natural Marine Park. Agreement for implementing a field survey among the members of the management board of the park.

December 2013

Presentation of BUFFER to Gulf of Lions Natural Marine Park managers and presentation of ongoing research activities in the Iroise case study.

End of collection of a questionnaire for an economic and perception survey of commercial fishers operating in the Iroise MPA.

November 2013

Meeting in Tvedestrand (Norway) to inform and update stakeholders and local residents on ongoing research activities and preliminary results of BUFFER.

June 2013

BUFFER website on-line.

March 2013

Recruitment of Dr Barbara Horta e Costa by partner 2 (CCMAR) to work on fish surveys and partially protected areas typology. Meeting with managers of the Environmental Officer at Aust-Agder County Governor (Norway) to present BUFFER.

February 2013

Recruitment of Anthony Caro by Partner 1 (CRIOBE) to work on fish survey and assist BUFFER management.

January 2013

Meeting with the Cerbere-Banyuls Natural Marine Reserve managers to validate BUFFER fish sampling collaboration within the no-take area.

November 2012

Meeting with the director of the Iroise Park dedicated to present BUFFER. Agreement for jointly implementing a field survey of fishers operating within the limits of the Park.

October 2012

The BUFFER kick-off meeting was held in Perpignan from 29th to 31th October.

Recruitment of Marie Guingot by partner 7 (AMURE) to work socio-economic effects of partially protected areas.

Meeting with the regional fisheries committee dedicated to present BUFFER, and agreement to work on fishing licenses.