PCC at Tetiaroa

Projet: Replenishing Tetiaroa’s lagoon through capture, culture and restocking of fish and crustacean post-larvae

Coordinateur: David Lecchini

Période: 2015 / 2018

Zone d’Étude : Tetiaroa

Résumé: The present project planned over 3 years to replenish the Tetiaroa lagoon by rearing and releasing fish and crustaceans caught at post-larval stage. The marine post-larvae will be caught using nets set up on the reef crest of Tetiaroa. The post-larvae will be kept in aquarium at Tetiaroa research center in cages or in the lagoon between 1 to 3 months according to species, and then released in the lagoon of Tetiaroa. Released fish and crustacean will be tagged by external tags or implantations of magnetic bars in the flesh of fish and crustaceans. This tagging will allow to estimate, several months after being released, the proportion of marine post-larvae raised involved the adult stock of fish and crustaceans at Tetiaroa. The replenishment of fish and crustacean will be conducted in the different parts of the Marine Protected Area at Tetiaroa. Overall, the implementation of this project is part of a responsible approach to management of the resource in the context of sustainable development on Tetiaroa and is part of The Tetiaroa Sustainable and Conservation Plan

      - National: CRIOBE
      - International: Eric Parmentier (Univ. Liege, Belgium)

Source de Financement: Mission Bleu and Tetiaroa Society