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3 February 2017
SafeNet Fisheries Management Survey
Contact | Giulia Prato

Over the past several months, SafeNet has been working with fishers around the Mediterranean to collect their opinions on fisheries management.

Now it's your turn to share your opinion! Your ideas, experience and suggestions are extremely valuable and will be taken into account in the proposed management scenarios to improve fisheries management and fish stocks conditions in the NW Mediterranean.

Let's work together to achieve a common goal!

Please complete the following questionnaire and send it to Giulia Prato.

Janvier 2017
SafeNet Fisheries Management Survey
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December 2016
First phase of stakeholder engagement complete: let the analysis begin!
Contact | Joachim Claudet

Toni Font interviewing a small-scale professional fisherman in Roses, Catalunya |
© Giulia Prato/WWF

Nearly 12 months into the SafeNet project and we are happy to report that the first round of the stakeholder engagement process along the French, Spanish and Italian coasts is now complete.

Highlights from the first engagement process:

  • September 2016: Stakeholders of the Gulf of Lion Marine Natural Park and the Cerbère-Banyuls Natural Marine Reserve participated in a roundtable discussion to identify the main issues and concerns facing each of these marine areas.
  • October 2016: during the Mediterranean Advisory Council (MEDAC) meeting in Corsica, the project was presented to 70 stakeholders representing fisheries organizations, institutions and NGOs from the Gulf of Lion. France and Spain are working together to develop a management plan for the Gulf of Lion and results from SafeNet will likely play a very important role in this process
  • From September to November 2016, nearly 100 Italian, French and Spanish fishers were interviewed, as were members from professional and recreational fisheries organizations, NGOs, MPAs, researchers and institutions.

The meetings and interviews have identified a wide range of perceptions and suggestions to improve fisheries management in the NW Mediterranean, and moving forward, SafeNet’s researchers will continue to work with stakeholders to further refine and expand upon this data.

The next phase of the SafeNet project will focus on a comprehensive analysis of the data, relevant management solutions will be identified and shared with stakeholders for discussion in the next round of engagement.

October 2016
SafeNet Meets in Barcelona
Contact | Joachim Claudet

September 2016
Stakeholder engagement process in full swing!
Contact | Joachim Claudet

Photo: Tavolara marine protected area. ©C. Amico, WWF Mediterranean

Last June the SafeNet team held its first meeting with artisanal fishers at the Tavolara MPA, one of the two case studies of the project with fishers’ involvement. The meeting was kindly hosted by the management board of the MPA. Through an animated discussion, facilitated by WWF Italy, fishers expressed their main concerns about the threats affecting their fishing activity and identified potential strategies to cope with them. Other workshops will be held with fishers from the Gulf of Lion, with the help of the Cerbère-Banyuls Natural Marine Reserve and of the Gulf of Lion Natural Marine Park. The project will also be presented during the next meeting of the Mediterranean Advisory Council (MEDAC), which will take place in Corsica in October.

Photo: Workshop with artisanal fishermen at Tavolara marine protected area. © G. Prato, WWF Mediterranean

In the meantime, with the help of MEDAC, a questionnaire has been shared with the stakeholders of the NW Mediterranean, and several interviews will be held during the coming weeks along the French Mediterranean coast: answers to the questionnaires will be key to identify the management scenarios that best cope with stakeholders’ needs.

(below) Questionnaire survey published on the website of an Italian recreational fishermen association (APR)