Service platforms for the scientific community

In addition to the various facilities available for research and teaching, the CRIOBE laboratory offers service platforms for a research community at large: the MSXM facility of Bio2Mar in Perpignan and the Station of Experimental Ecology (SEE) of Moorea.

The Biodiversity and Marine Biotechnology platform or Bio2Mar, was created to provide public research and private companies with high-tech instruments and skills to attach more value to marine biodiversity.

The “Secondary Metabolites, Xenobiotics and Metabolomics” facilities (MSXM), hosted at CRIOBE, is a powerful tool for studies covering the fields of chemical ecology, metabolomics applied to marine and aquatic environments, identification of bioactive compounds that can be used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic or agrochemical sectors, and in environmental chemistry with the analysis of pollutants.

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The Experimental Ecology Station (SEE) of Moorea is the most recent of the 5 research stations of the CNRS-INEE RéNSEE network. It provides a number of facilities that enable in vivo and in situ experiments on coral ecosystems. These facilities enable researchers to control, among others, the variables linked to climate change in order to better understand the processes that govern the persistence of populations and biological communities as well as the mechanisms of resistance to climate stress.

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