Work with us

CRIOBE regularly welcomes interns, doctoral students, post-docs and contractual researchers on research projects (ANR, European, etc.), but also engineers and technicians. We aim to provide our new staff members, students and collaborators with a work environment where they can work inspiredly, creatively and healthily.

Become a researcher at CRIOBE

Becoming a permanent researcher or lecturer at CRIOBE can be accomplished via several competitive recruitments:

  • The CNRS national recruitments, by Disciplinary Section or Interdisciplinary Commission
  • By competitive recruitments lecturer of the EPHE or the UPVD, depending on the positions assigned to the CRIOBE
  • Junior Professor Chairs at the UPVD and CNRS, depending on the positions assigned to the CRIOBE

The CRIOBE also hosts several Post-docs each year on fixed-term research contracts. Consult our job openings pages and/or contact the unit’s researchers and lecturers directly.

Start a PhD thesis at CRIOBE

Each year the laboratory welcomes new doctoral students. PhD contracts can take the form of research grants from the Ministry of Higher Education, doctoral grants financed by local authorities or other bodies, or CIFRE contracts. In general, CRIOBE will not accept PhD applications without funding.

CRIOBE doctoral students benefit from workstations, are fully integrated into research teams, and regularly participate in the various lab’s activities (seminars, study days, etc.).

Further details:

Obtaining a CNRS Temporary Assignment

Temporary assignments of researchers are governed by Article 14 of revised decree 84-431 of 6 June 1984. This is a position specifically designed for lecturers and university professors and is part of the general policy for promoting research activity at the CNRS.

This formula reflects the fact that the lecturers and researchers is not detached or on loan to the CNRS. He/she continues to be paid by the parent administration and ceases teaching in all or in part during this period (6 months full time, 1 year full time or 1 year part-time) in order to devote time to a research activity approved by the CNRS and the parent institution.

Guest researchers are integrated into day-to-day life at CRIOBE. They can attend lectures and seminars, as well as the courses offered by CRIOBE. 

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Get first hand research experience at CRIOBE

We welcome License and Master trainees throughout the year. Students wishing to do an internship within CRIOBE are invited to visit the job opening page and/or to contact CRIOBE researchers and lecturers directly to present their motivations and research interests.

License and Master students are given a work space, an insight into the work of an international research institution, and the opportunity to take part in seminars, lectures and courses offered by CRIOBE.